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About Me

Creative technology enthusiast, expert developer capable of starting and finishing complex projects, I have been contributing to a large number of enterprise or personal, ambitious programs for more than 20 years. I'm comfortable with both backend and frontend aspects of software in all kinds of deployment scenarios.

My skills range from functional design to management of engineers, through architecture and coding. I have had the chance to work for both small and large companies relying on various project management frameworks.

My functional expertise currently covers Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence / Analytics, Dashboarding, Predictive Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management and Resource Planning.

Highly adaptable, I'm a fast learner and can easily enter most technical environments. I love discovering new playgrounds, grasping the bigger picture and simplifying things.

My goal as a technical director is to make customers happy by building highly motivated teams, coaching and mentoring contributors for performance, and ultimately deliver delightful experiences on time and on budget. As such, I enjoy working for companies who have the potential to reach a large audience.


Development Manager and Architect

Since January 2008
  • Since 2014: Development Manager and Architect. Leading a frontend team of 14 experienced engineers contributing to a Predictive Analytics project. Also in charge of maintaining the current offering, SAP InfiniteInsight v7.
  • 2010-2014: As a Lean Development Line Manager, managed up to 21 developers assigned to 3 different projects in a matrix organizational structure. Functional domains: Data Discovery, Analytics and Enterprise Information Management. In charge of lean continuous improvement, applying PDCA A3 thinking and problem solving.
  • 2008-2010: As a Development Manager and Architect, responsible for the project setup, architecture, planning and execution of Business Objects Polestar (now rebranded SAP BusinessObjects Explorer), a distributed search and data exploration solution. Development of a new version compatible with SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator (SAP BWA) and SAP HANA. Managing a team of 10 developers.

Development Manager and Architect

Business Objects (now SAP)
May 1999 to 2008
  • 2006-2008: As a Development Manager and Architect, responsible for the project setup, architecture, planning and execution of Business Objects Polestar (now rebranded SAP BusinessObjects Explorer), a distributed search and data exploration solution. Managing a team of 10 developers.
  • 2004-2006: As an architect, contributed to the architecture, technical design and implementation of BI Modeler, a Business Intelligence rich client tool, part of the BusinessObjects BI Suite. Acted as a fullstack java developer.
  • 2001-2004: As a Development Manager, invented a new declarative, decentralized, XML-based resource description language and the corresponding tools in order to improve the efficiency of the packaging process, targeting Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. Responsible for the overall project planning, execution, reporting to stakeholders, deploying the solution, training and supporting users. Managing a team of 4 developers.
  • 2000-2001: As a Technical Lead, took over full responsibility of the proprietary software packaging and configuration tools. Corrective maintenance. Management of 1 collaborator.
  • 1999-2000: As a Senior Developer, contributed to the hardening phase of BusinessObjects 5.0, the company's flagship reporting solution. Redesigned BusinessQuery, an Excel add-in capable of pulling data from various data sources using BusinessObject's Semantic Layer.
  • As a Senior Consultant, part of a team of 20 developers: contributed to the design and development of Cartesis Magnitude, a web-based financial analytic platform, successor of Cartesis Carat.
  • Led the deployment of configuration management and other development tools.
  • Delivered several training courses (DCOM, ATL), and offered expertise on functional and technical design (UML).

Software Development Engineer

Dron Concept Informatique
May 1995 to 1997
  • As a Development Engineer, part of a team of 7 experienced developers: contributed to the defect correction process of Taurus, an Electronic Content Management solution.
  • Refactored server components and protocols in a multi platform environment.
  • Contributed to the development of the UI for the last major release using the Microsoft Foundation Classes framework.
  • Responsible for increasing test coverage.


Several months long leadership training and coaching program delivered by the Ken Blanchard company.

Architecture Curriculum

April 2011 to March 2012

11 months long architecture training program covering technical, process and communication aspects of the architect role. Consists in class room courses, online reading and on-the-job activities. Ends with a presentation to an audience of experienced architects coming from all departments. Significant networking opportunity.

Engineer's degree, Computer Science

SUPINFO - The International Institute of Information Technology
September 1992 to June 1995

Lycée Chaptal, Paris
September 1990 to June 1992

CPGE, Physics, Technology and Engineering Science


  • Team Management
  • Project Management, Scrum, Lean, RUP
  • Software Architecture, SOA, TAM
  • Software Design, UML
  • Agile Application Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Distributed Applications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Development
  • iOS development
  • Embedded Linux
  • Databases
  • Java, C++, Python, Objective-C, Swift
  • MySQL, SAP HANA, Postgres, Oracle
  • MongoDB, Redis, HazelCast
  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript
  • Bootstrap, Knockout, Angular
  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Hadoop, Spark
  • Pandas, Scikit-learn
  • Digital Electronics
  • English


  • Jazz piano
  • Latin dance
  • Photography and filmmaking
  • Electronics, microcontrollers and IoT
  • Cloud and mobile development
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship